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Magnified Insights Global Consulting

Our mission is to empower and create opportunities for underserved, underrepresented, and minority populations through advocacy, community education, strategic programming, and consultation.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Any gift provided to us will be used to fund staff work and programming for the populations we serve, as we believe in transparent financing. We are headquartered in North Carolina. We have a subsidiary in Sierra Leone where we function as a Non-governmental Organization headquartered out of Freetown.  We offer virtual classes and consultation as well, so we really have no borders!

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Access our 2023 PP Program Report here.

Our 2024 Focus

MIGC Volunteers standing behind the golden cover with the company logos on it. The volunteers are waving their hands in the air in victory.


Maternal Mortality Rate

Maternal mortality (or death) is the term for when a mother dies from a pregnancy-related health issue or an existing condition exacerbated by pregnancy. This is an international healthcare crisis. In the US, the rate is higher than any other ethnic group in the US. Sierra Leone also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. We support parents by providing life-saving nutrition, providing access to foods that support healthy breastfeeding, health checks, and education.


Infant Mortality Rate

Infant mortality rate is the probability of a child born in a specific year or period dying before reaching the age of one is a domestic and international focus. Non-Hispanic Black babies have the highest mortality rate in the US. Sierra Leone has the 5th highest infant mortality rate in the entire world. We provide education, nutrition, connections, and products to help our babies. We just returned from hosting our Pikin Packs program and it was a major success!. 


Access to Education

Access to education is a major issue in Sierra Leone, particularly for children living in the provinces and even more so if they are girls. Primary school children need English and Math books. Many of the parents in Bumbuna are not able to read, so helping their children is not a possibility at this juncture. We are hoping to eventually begin an adult literacy program, however, at this point, we are working on providing children school supplies so they can actively participate in learning. 

November 22: Pregnant/Lactating Moms program

November 23: Pikin Packs education program                                                                        

"What we share is more powerful than what divides us."

-Elizabeth Nyamayaro

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