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Education and Workshops


Our educators have a wealth of knowledge to assist with your specific needs. Our trainings are offered in a variety of mediums and at varying times.

Course information:

  • Virtual live classes (some offered by licensed medical professionals)

  • Virtual live classes offered after hours (between the hours of 5pm and 6am- accredited courses too!)

  • Certificates provided for accredited courses

  • On-site classes can be provided at MIGC's discretion (We want to maintain safety for you and us)

Please click below to learn more about our course offerings and learn about pricing.


Workshops are designed to address the needs of your organization in a more informal manner. Our workshops are created to assist your organization members in connecting with their emotional selves. The goals of our workshops are to create an environment of safety and confidentiality. We want to produce more emotionally centered individuals who can come back to work with a better, more informed outlook. Please click below if you would like to discuss some of the issues your organization may be facing and learn how we can help.

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