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If you are short on time or need to give easily, check out our   
   Amazon Registry!

Thank you to our private and corporate supporters! 

Ceres Chill! 

Thank you for your donation of nipple shields and one of your amazing breast milk chillers! Check out the Ceres Series Blog to hear the latest and greatest parenting info and updates from industry experts, guest writers, and contributing moms!

July 2023

Food Lion sponsors $1,000!!

Food Lion donated $1,000 in gift cards to support the Pikin Packs program! Food Lion cares about their local communities, as well as, food security in impoverished countries. Thank you Food Lion!

One by One  $500 Grant!

We were provided $500 in promotional items with artwork featuring our logos and bylines. Thank you so much 4Imprint!

Hands Working on Magazine Print

Thanks, Costco! 

October 2023

Costco's donation will provide snacks for the 

250+ children who will be participating in our

Community Event for Pikin Packs!!


May 17, 2023:Krispy Kreme's Digital Dozens fundraiser! 

We still have dozens for sale for $14!

Get your voucher today and half of what you pay goes to our programs!

Dollar Bills

Check out our Donor Wall!

3 poeple standing beside a table in front of a tent. the table has school supplies on it

June 17th, 2023: Never underestimate the power of the heart of giving. The towns of Micro and Selma, North Carolina have great people who love to help! During the 100-mile yard sale, we were blessed with so many people who just wanted to help in any way they could. We didn't have a pitch, we didn't come there with the intention of asking for donations...we only came to find some great deals. 

Then we met the amazing Mrs. Godley! She's a school teacher who now teaches online and had tons of school supplies and learning materials that she donated to the cause. Thank you, Mrs. Godley!

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