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Pikin Packs/Baby Bundles
Countdown to 2024 Program

November 22, 2024: Pregnant and Lactating Moms program

November 23, 2024: Children's School and Community program

The call we had to answer...Meet Assiatu 

White Structure

Please view our 2023 Bumbuna compilation video!

1 African woman standing beside a table. Another African woman in a head wrap sitting at the table with a blood pressure cuff on her arm.

Purpose and Mission

Purpose: Our purpose is to provide transformative educational and holistic care services to promote inclusivity and have a lasting positive impact on the people of Sierra Leone.

Mission: Our mission is to serve the needs of the people of Sierra Leone through the provision of quality healthcare services, education, and training.

Organizational objectives

1. To create and implement programs that promote self-reliance and independence for the people of Sierra Leone.
2. To increase opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce and the greater society in Sierra Leone.
3. To implement mobile programs that increase exposure and access to skilled healthcare services.
4. To increase the exposure to technology and vocational learning in a structured setting and via mobile programs.

children standing in a line and singing with hands raised

2023 Pikin Packs Photo Highlights

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