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What we do!

MIGC has constructed a variety of programs, events, and engagements to support people and organizations who desire to close the equity gap. Whether it be through individual or group sessions, education, team building, or community events, we address the issues below the surface. If you want to check a box and that's all- we are not the right organization for you. Working with us will be revealing, potentially emotional, but overall very rewarding. Each of us are responsible for positive change. 

Praying Hands

Faith Based Services

MIGC embraces the philosophy of servant leadership to the totality of its core. Defined by integrity, knowledge, and a focus on holistic care with every interaction, every time. Holistic care represents the entirety of who we are, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Therefore, no model would be complete without ample input from and acknowledgements of the particular needs of the faith-based community.

Workshop offerings:

  • How to Overcome Barriers to Communication (Ministry Leadership)

  • Understanding Addiction: Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, and Illegal Substances

  • Let's Talk About (Gender, Sexuality, Divorce, Mental Illness, Body Image Disorders)

  • Medical Education on all major systems

  • Mental Health Education with a focus on Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

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