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Pikin Packs

Pikin (pee-keen) is Krio for child. In December 2023, MIGC will be heading to West Africa to host a community event in the seat of Sierra Leone. We are providing much-needed school supplies and/or food supplies to children ages 0-18. The continuously rising costs of living, high unemployment rates, and lack of private-sector businesses cause additional stress for families. Education is paramount for potential future opportunities for the children of Sierra Leone. A lot of parents cannot afford school supplies for their children and we want to give every child their best foot forward to creating a brighter future.....and, we need your help! 


Infant and School Supply Donation

To provide infant/school items, please use this address: Kimberly Terry/MIGC, 3811 Harbor Road Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732. All items must be new and unused. Cutoff for sending supplies is October 7, 2023. Items can be branded (no explicit language/pictures). Items needed are: powder baby formula, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, activity pads, flash cards, notebooks, packs of paper, booksacks, erasers, hand sanitizer, biodegradable sanitizing wipes, note cards, packets of stickers. 


MIGC goes international!

Focus on Sierra Leone

MIGC's dedication to serving people goes beyond the US borders into the great country of Sierra Leone. We are in the process of opening our Freetown office and it should be fully open by August 2024!! Though we will still go by MIGC, the "C" will stand for "Care". Our local headquarters will begin small programs throughout the country as we continue to work on building our programs and awareness.

Washing Dishes

Purpose and Mission

Purpose: Our purpose is to provide transformative educational and holistic care services to promote inclusivity and have a lasting positive impact on the people of Sierra Leone.

Mission: Our mission is to serve the needs of the people of Sierra Leone through the provision of quality healthcare services, education, and training.

Organizational objectives

1. To create and implement programs that promote self-reliance and independence for the people of Sierra Leone.
2. To increase opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce and the greater society in Sierra Leone.
3. To implement mobile programs that increase exposure and access to skilled healthcare services.
4. To increase the exposure to technology and vocational learning in a structured setting and via mobile programs.


MIGCare is the local chapter parented by MIGC (US) and headquartered in Freetown, West Africa. This overseas organization is nonprofit and ALL donations will be funneled from our US Office into the Sierra Leone office to support program and staff needs.

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