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Baby Bundles

Baby Bundles

Excluding Sales Tax

Baby Bundles are a part of our Pikin Packs program and we are providing (at a minimum) the following items to each infant and pregnant mother:

  • 2 boxes of diapers
  • 3 12+ ounce cans of powdered formula
  • 1 pack of bottles
  • 1 lapa (a traditional fabric that wraps baby and child can be carried on your back)
  • diaper ointment
Price Options
One-time purchase
Baby Bundle Monthly
$175.00every month until canceled
  • Program Information

    Pikin (pee-keen) is Krio for child. In December 2023, MIGC will be heading to West Africa to host a community event in the seat of Sierra Leone. We are providing much-needed school supplies and/or food supplies to children ages 0-18. The continuously rising costs of living, high unemployment rates, and lack of private-sector businesses cause additional stress for families. Education is paramount for potential future opportunities for the children of Sierra Leone. A lot of parents cannot afford school supplies for their children and we want to give every child their best foot forward to creating a brighter future.....and, we need your help! 

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