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Faith Based Services

Customized to fit the needs of your leadership and  congregation.

It is the belief of MIGC that the church and its congregants must offer safety, solace, empathy, education, direction and understanding to those seeking answers to life’s many complex or even frequently deemed “taboo” questions.

Monrose* (2012), pastor and contributor for, “The Role and Importance of the Church in the Community,” stated “I think the church is a type of Super Center. Whatever the situation, there is a Bible-based solution and counsel for each problem. I am not advocating that each individual church would have the expertise and know-how to deal with every situation. However, every church should have access to resources needful to guide an individual in the proper direction along with God’s Word.”

To assist your organization, MIGC has developed interactive faith-based seminars, training modules, and workshops, presented virtually or onsite. Each training module can and will be adapted to address your individual needs. To learn more about our services and fees, please click Learn More below.

* Monrose, G. T. (2012). The role and importance of the Church in the community. Huffington Post, 9, 19.

Image by Daniele Franchi
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